Kern Food Policy

Steering Committee

Steering Committee- Voting Members of the Council Members- Interested citizens of Kern and participants in Food Policy Council activities

The Kern Food Policy Council has a Steering Committee, with 13 members, who represent a wide range of entities from public agencies, community-based organizations, food justice advocates, the private sector, and local schools and colleges. The Steering Committee convenes on a monthly basis, and members also participate in Working Groups, which focus on special issues.

Steering Committee:

  • Gregory Collins
  • Jim Wheeler
  • Brady Bernhart
  • Sheila Ryan Kerber
  • Morgan Martinez
  • Kristin Weber
  • Jaclyn Allen
  • Margaret Johns
  • Jill Egland
  • Martin Reynoso
  • Vince Zaragoza
  • Mariel T. Mehdipour

General Members:

  • Lorna Speight
  • Stephanie Camarena
  • Kristy Burns
  • Glen Ephrom


  • Avtar Nijjer-Sidhu
  • Maureen Andrew
  • Norma Rojas-Mora
  • Angelica Muñoz
  • Ralph Martinez
  • Christine Goltz
  • Della Hodson
  • Ian Journey
  • Pamela Bernhart



KFPC Staff Support

Brady Bernhart AICP,  Community Action Partnership of Kern (Web Administration)

Uriel Flores,  Community Action Partnership of Kern

Robyn Krock, Consultant, Valley Vision

Trish Kelly, Consultant, Applied Development Economics, Inc.